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Gladiabots is a strategy game where you get to lead a small army of robots. The problem is that your robots don't have their own artificial intelligence installed; you're the one who has to configure their behavioral patterns by programming each and every one of their actions.

Most of the time you spend playing Gladiabots will be spent on the programming screen, where you can create sort of flow diagrams that represent all the possible actions of your robots. You can establish actions and conditions that range from attacking to collecting resources, and even running away.

Once you press the play button, your robots start behaving according to the established commands. If your robots are unable to complete an objective, you'll fail. In that case, you'll have to try to redesign your robots' behavior diagrams.

Gladiabots is an extremely original video game. Its main difficulty lies in the fact that it has a very high learning curve. It's not easy to get a hang of everything the game offers, but once you do, you'll realize you've got your hands on an outstanding game.
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